Our Podcast-Tip: What is the pleasure with sex on drugs?

Under the title “Beziehungsweise” the Podcast of the daily newspaper Der Standard
deals with questions regarding love, relationships and sex. In its newest episode
Beziehungsweise dives into the topic Chemsex: In this episode the Viennese
psychotherapist and sexualtherapeut Christof Mitter answers important questions
about the backgrounds of Chemsex, the impact to users and possible risks. In
addition to that our Chemsex-Network as well as many important counseling and
support services are introduced.

You can find the newest episode of the Beziehungsweise-Podcast on every Podcast-
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“What is the pleasure with sex on drugs? Consuming drugs and having uninhibited
sex for hours: Chemsex is a phenomenon that is commonly associated with the gay-
scene, but is no longer just occurring there. GHB, so classic K.O.-drops, Crystal
Meth, Cocaine and other drugs are consumed during Chemsex-parties that often last
for days. Parties like these are becoming more and more frequently in Vienna. What
may sound exciting brings lots of risks with it. Which risks these are explains Christof
Mitterer. He is a psychotherapist and sexualtherapeut and has specialized on the
topic of Chemsex. In this episode of “Beziehungsweise” Christof Mitterer explains,
what makes sex on drugs so fascinating, which effects it has on users and if there is
a controlled, healthy way to deal with it.”