SAFE & CONSENSUAL: 6 Chemsex-Tips

#01: DO IT SAFE!

Safer use and safer sex are important. Slamming, sniffing, or smoking can transmit viruses such as hepatitis or HIV, as can various sexual practices. You can protect yourself and others from infections by using only your own consumption utensils (tubes or needles, spoons, filters, etc.) and paying attention to safer sex (condom, PrEP, U=U). You can find out more about safer use and safer sex at: How can risks be reduced?


Regular tests for HIV, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections are part of this – especially if you have chemsex. Gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, hepatitis and, of course, HIV are infections that should be clarified by regular check-ups at the Aids Hilfe or at doctors’ offices in order to be able to be treated properly if the worst comes to the worst. This is the only way to protect yourself and your sexual partners.


Since Chems – like other illegal drugs – are acquired on the black market, it is usually unclear which active ingredients are really contained, what the dosage is, or whether they have been cut. This massively increases the risk of undesirable side effects. Use drug-checking services whenever possible.

In Vienna, you can do this at checkit! and in some pharmacies. If this option is not available, always take only a small amount of the substance to test its effect on you and your body. This way you can reduce some negative effects that are likely to occur especially with high doses and lower the risk of overdose! Read more at:


Especially when it comes to chemsex, you have to pay attention to consent and safety. This is not only about your own mental and physical health, but also about making sure that everyone involved feels as comfortable and safe as possible and agrees with what is happening. If one of the participants can no longer give consent or is obviously overwhelmed with the situation, then it is up to you to act and intervene in an emergency.


Drug use affects your life and your daily routine in many different ways. Especially when chemsex and sex come together, it is important that you take good care of yourself: No matter if you have questions about use and safer sex, if you are not satisfied with your use behavior, if sex (with or without chems) is no longer fun, if you can only think about the next chemsex party or if you just have the feeling that a counseling session could do you good: In Vienna there are many contact points that can help you – use them! In the Chemsex Network contact points nobody will blush if you tell them that you had wild sex on Chems for 3 days straight.


Chemsex is risky. But you can minimize and avoid many risks. Think about what you want and what you don’t want. What risks are you willing to take? A counseling session can help you to better assess the risks. You can find more information on