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Entire network

In order to bundle expertise and support services on the topic of chemsex and to make them visible, a chemsex network was founded in Vienna. It consists of professional organizations and persons from the health and psychosocial field. All partners in the network are listed here:

Network partners

Aids Hilfe Wien – Counselling

Free offers

Chemsex counselling is aimed at all persons who have come or are coming into contact with the topic. Other topics such as safer use or risk minimisation can also be discussed. It is therefore not important whether the person is currently using or not. The offer comprises up to 10 sessions, is anonymous and free of charge.

Aids Hilfe Wien – Workshops

The chemsex workshop is aimed at institutions or groups interested in basic information on the topic of chemsex, background and associated risks (e.g. sexually transmitted infections). Duration and costs of the workshop by arrangement.

AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark

Free offers

QUEER-SEXGESUND is the title for our new LGBTIQA+ counselling programme on any questions regarding sexual health. Chems users are also welcome. We focus on SAFER SEX and testing for HIV and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). If necessary, we refer you to experts and consultation centers from other disciplines. We test and counsel anonymously.


Free offers

The an.doc.stelle accompanies, cares for and counsels people in biopsychosocial crises and informs about topics concerning health. Our team supports people in a low-threshold, appreciative, quick, unbureaucratic, anonymous and free way. The an.doc.stelle is connected to a family doctor’s practice and is also available to people who are not insured.

Birgit Leichsenring – Biomed. Science communication

As a microbiologist and freelance science communicator, I offer basic and specialised lectures on topics related to HIV, viral hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as on specific aspects such as chemsex.

checkit!- Suchthilfe Wien GmbH

Free offers

Checkit! is your information and counselling centre regarding recreational drugs (party drugs, chems) their effects, side effects and risks. To get in touch with checkit go to our website, write us an email, give us a call or visit us. You can get your psychoactive substances chemically analysed (“Drug Checking”). Everything is anonymous, free of charge and confidential.

CONTACT – Hospital Liaison Service

Free offers

CONTACT’s services are aimed at addicts, newcomers and those who have tried legal and illegal addictive substances. CONTACT supports clients during and after their stay in hospital and thus acts as a mediator and interface between the Viennese hospital system and the Viennese drug help and social support system.

COURAGE – Consulting

Free offers

COURAGE is a professional counselling service for LGBTIQ+* people and their families that is recognized and funded by the federal government and the respective federal states and state capitals. Counseling is anonymous and free of charge. COURAGE is available to all those seeking advice and help in the areas of sexuality and relationships as well as violence and sexual assault.

COURAGE – Education

The dissemination of information and expertise is a cornerstone of COURAGE’s educational work. Since COURAGE also sees itself as a socio-political project and therefore also sees its task in educational work, the staff of the counselling centre constantly offers seminars, workshops and lectures. COURAGE staff members are also willing to participate in panel discussions and conferences and to be available[...]

Dialog – Suchtprävention und Früherkennung

Free offers

The “Prevention and Early Recognition” department of the Dialog starts before a problem arises and supports you in dealing with the issue of addiction in your professional and private everyday life. We offer seminars, workshops and lectures for companies, social organisations and schools.

Dr. Matthias Reisinger

Free offers

Many years of experience in the areas of HIV, HCV and addiction disease. In addition to medical consultation and clarification, the offer included e.g. HIV therapy, PrEP and opiate substitution treatment.

Drug Checking in Graz – Triptalks

Free offers

The Triptalks project is a service by „Caritas Kontaktladen und Streetwork im Drogenbereich“ in Graz. The team provides psychosocial counseling including wide information and advice on all topics relating to substance use and harm reduction on site.

Drug Checking in Vienna – checkit!

Free offers

You can get your psychoactive substances chemically analysed (“Drug Checking”). Everything is anonymous, free of charge and confidential. Checkit! is your information and counselling centre regarding recreational drugs (party drugs, chems) their effects, side effects and risks. To get in touch with checkit go to our website, write us an email, give us a call or visit us.

General Practice Team Dr. Florian Breitenecker MSc

Free offers

We are guided by the concept of bio-psycho-social medicine – the understanding of illness as a disturbance of physical, mental and social well-being. In other words: You are not only healthy when nothing is aching… but you are healthy when you feel good about yourself and your social environment!

HIV-PrEP : medical support by ÖAG

PrEP stands for preexposure prophylaxis and is a drug-based prevention method against HIV. PrEP means that HIV-negative people take certain HIV medication before a possible risk of infection. If PrEP is carried out correctly, it can protect highly effective against an HIV infection.

Infectious and tropical medicine Univ-Prof. Dr. Alexander Zoufaly

The entire spectrum of infectious medicine is offered in the trusting atmosphere of an elective practice. Sufficient time is available for in-depth consultation, discussion of individual prevention concepts such as PrEP, as well as result-oriented clarification using modern equipment and in cooperation with special laboratories. All vaccines (including HPV, hepatitis A/B, meningococcus and all travel vaccines) are always in stock.


Free offers

Konnex offers employees of social institutions advice and support from addiction experts. Konnex employees come directly to the facilities and can thus address the individual needs and questions of the respective employees on site.

MEN – Men’s Health Centre

Free offers

MEN is a health center for men of all ages. Health does not only mean the absence of illness but also includes the ability to develop emotional and social strengths and intellectual potentials. We offer personal counselling, advanced seminars, workshops for young men and group seminars in various languages.

p.a.s.s. – Hilfe bei Suchtproblemen

Free offers

The P.A.S.S. association offers outpatient psychotherapy for addicts. The psychotherapeutic offer is supplemented by medical treatment, clinical-psychological diagnostics, social counseling and work with relatives.

Practice for dermatology Dr. Michael Skoll

Free offers

I am at your disposal for all questions and concerns about HIV, PrEP, PEP, chemsex and sexually transmitted diseases. Due to my previous work at the Univ. Department of Dermatology at the Medical University of Vienna, I have extensive knowledge and expertise on these topics.

Praxis Dr. Ernst Silbermayr

For people who practice chemsex, psychotherapy offers the possibility to deal with one’s own use of Meph, G and others in a protected setting and, if necessary, to receive psychotherapeutic support in changing substance use.

Praxis für Psychotherapie – Daniel Ibel, MA

A focus of my psychotherapeutic work is on supporting people with problems or difficulties in their sexuality (including ChemSex, erectile dysfunction, “sex addiction / compulsive sexual behavior”, etc.) and sexual identity.  

Praxis für Psychotherapie Beziehungsatelier – Conny Maikisch

My main topics as a systemic Family Therapist (kink aware) are the following: working with queer people, sexuality, Addiction (including chemsex), non-monogamous Concepts of relationships, gender identities and sexual orientations. I also offer workshops in the above mentioned topics.  

Praxis für Psychotherapie GedankenSpiel – Stephan von Schlegell, BA

Through my work in the LGBTIQ field and various facilities in the addiction field, sexuality and addiction is a focus of my therapeutic work. Building an open, trusting and respectful relationship is very important to me in order to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to address your issues.

Praxis Haberhauer

I would be happy to support you in my psychotherapeutic practice in Vienna if you are a chemsex user and would like to address this issue personally. After working with my clients on this topic for several years, I hope to be able to support you with my expertise and, if necessary, with support from the network. I look forward[...]

Praxis Mag. (FH) Clemens Hrobsky

Practice for person-centred psychotherapy with a focus on addiction and sexuality. At the two locations in 1160 and 1230 Vienna, I offer talk therapy in individual settings and create a framework for dealing with one’s own consumption and sexual behaviour. In doing so, I help them to understand themselves better and to bring about changes.

Praxis Mag.a Michaela Walchshofer-Pecka

I am a clinical and health psychologist, emergency psychologist and personcentred psychotherapist. I work in my own practice and I cooperation with “Teampraxis Dr. Breitenecker”/”an.doc.stelle”.

Psychotherapeutische Praxis – Marinus Wisböck, MA

I work orientated towards depth-psychology/psychoanalysis. The emphasis in my therapeutic work amongst others are: Identities and sexualities, problems in interpersonal relationships and the individual design of relationships, self harming behavior, substance use.

Psychotherapeutische Praxis Dr. Clemens Hammer

For clients I offer: psychotherapy, sexual counselling, sexual therapy, couples therapy / For counsellors I offer: professional supervision in the field of sexual education, sexual counselling and sexual therapy.

Psychotherapy Alexander Nikodemus

My therapeutic focus is the work with people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. I also offer supervision for people in organisations, who work with queer people as well as coachings and seminars.

Psychotherapy Gideon Gruber

Practice for person-centred psychotherapy with a focus on addiction, also has experience with chemsex in respite. Currently there are free places available.

Psychotherapy Katharina Schwarz

I offer Person Centered Psychotherapy and one focus of my work is in LGBTIQ-related topics. I also have experience with the Chemsex topic, in form of working with clients as well as further education.

Psychotherapy Mag. Daniel Kerschbaummayr

Hypnotherapy allows you to access your inner resources and discover new solutions. By activating your own abilities and inner self-healing powers, symptoms and existing distress can be alleviated or eliminated. One of my focuses is working with people of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations (chemsex, erectile dysfunction…).

Psychotherapy Mag. Johannes Wahala

My focus is on working with LGBTIQ+* people and their families. For clients I offer: psychotherapy, sex counseling, sex therapy, couples therapy. For counselors, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and health psychologists, as well as psychosocial and educational institutions, I offer supervision and training seminars in the above areas.

Psychotherapy Norbert Karner

I offer psychotherapy based on a systemic approach for individuals, couples and groups – based on many years of work experience with people with substance use in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Psychotherapy Thomas Trippolt BEd.

I have trained in systemic and sexual therapy. I have also completed clinical hypnosis training according to Milton Erickson. This knowledge enables me to provide you with the best possible psychotherapeutic support.

Selbstgefühlt – Claudia Tassotti, BA BEd MEd

I offer psychological counseling and sexual counseling, using the approach Sexocorporel. The concept of Sexocorporel describes the body as a tool with which we shape both our relationships and our sexuality. The more we understand how our individual system works, the better we can influence it and – if desired – bring about changes.

Suchthilfe Tirol

Free offers

Suchthilfe Tirol offers counselling for people suffering from or at risk of addiction and their relatives on behalf of the province of Tyrol. A multi-professional team consisting of psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers provides comprehensive support to those seeking help in coping with addiction and assists them in developing strategies for dealing with it.

Zentrum Sexuelle Gesundheit Tirol

Free offers

Zentrum Sexuelle Gesundheit Tirol is a non-profit association with a multi-professional team. In addition to accompanying HIV-positive people, the focus is on information and advice on sexual health and sexual well-being.