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For the right chemistry.

Chems and sex. Substance use during sex is also a reality for many people in Vienna and Austria. Safer sex and safer use, a safe environment for everyone involved, mental and physical health - all these are important topics when it comes to chemsex. For all chemsex users, the members of the Chemsex Network offer support and counseling.

Chemsex Netzwerk Wien


Join the ENHANCE Study 2024!

So far, few scientific surveys in the German-speaking regions have focused on the experiences and challenges of individuals who are sexually active in the context to substance use. Therefore, the University of Augsburg has launched the ENHANCE Study. This online survey aims to reach sexually active chems-users and gather important […]


Chemsex Talk continues!

Spring is around the corner, and with it, the Chemsex Talk self-experience group is entering its next round. This accompanied group offering for gay, bisexual, and pansexual men* provides an opportunity to exchange ideas in a protected atmosphere, discussing familiar roles and patterns in relationships and sexuality, as well as […]