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For the right chemistry.

Chems and sex. Substance use during sex is also a reality for many people in Vienna and Austria. Safer sex and safer use, a safe environment for everyone involved, mental and physical health - all these are important topics when it comes to chemsex. For all chemsex users, the members of the Chemsex Network offer support and counseling.

Chemsex Netzwerk Wien


Effectively protect against STIs – Use Safer Sex offerings

A few weeks ago, a new study on sexual health caught attention: The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of an increasing spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), especially Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or Syphilis in Europe. Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna, who contributed to this survey, also identified clear trends […]


Get Tested – European Testing Week 2023

From November 20 to 27, 2023, the European Testing Week will take place once again this year. Under the motto TEST. TREAT. PREVENT., this not only raises awareness about sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and hepatitis but also creates low-threshold testing opportunities through the AIDS services of Austria and […]