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For the right chemistry.

Chems and sex. Substance use during sex is also a reality for many people in Vienna and Austria. Safer sex and safer use, a safe environment for everyone involved, mental and physical health - all these are important topics when it comes to chemsex. For all chemsex users, the members of the Chemsex Network offer support and counseling.

Chemsex Netzwerk Wien


Our Podcast-Tip: What is the pleasure with sex on drugs?

Under the title “Beziehungsweise” the Podcast of the daily newspaper Der Standarddeals with questions regarding love, relationships and sex. In its newest episodeBeziehungsweise dives into the topic Chemsex: In this episode the Viennesepsychotherapist and sexualtherapeut Christof Mitter answers important questionsabout the backgrounds of Chemsex, the impact to users and possible […]


Test.Treat.Prevent – The European HIV- and Hepatitis-Testing-Week 2022

Create awareness and encourage testing – that is once again the goal of this years “European Testing Week”. From November 21st to 28th more than 400 organizations from 53 European countries move awareness and test possibilities to the center of attention. As part of this initiative, many important activities will […]