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For the right chemistry.

Chems and sex. Substance use during sex is also a reality for many people in Vienna and Austria. Safer sex and safer use, a safe environment for everyone involved, mental and physical health - all these are important topics when it comes to chemsex. For all chemsex users, the members of the Chemsex Network offer support and counseling.

Chemsex Netzwerk Wien


For the right chemistry – also in the new year!

10, 9, 8, 7, … soon it will be time, and the new year will begin! The time around the turn of the year means a special state of affairs for many people. Whether looking forward to the holidays, enjoying a long-awaited break, or experiencing stress, anxiety, or loneliness during […]


Take care of your mental health!

Winter is approaching, and the days are getting shorter. For many people, this season brings particular mental stress. Taking care of one’s mental health is crucial, especially in the context of sex and chemsex. Whether experiencing fatigue, lack of motivation, or even depressive situations, it is important to engage with […]