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About us

For several years now, the topic of chemsex has also been gaining importance in Vienna. Due to the overlaps between various topics, the desire and the plan arose to bring together the most diverse expertise of different organizations and individuals.

Therefore, in the fall of 2018, an open networking meeting for Viennese counseling institutions was invited for the first time.

At this meeting, it quickly became apparent that both people looking for services and employees in the various health care sectors lacked a good overview. This is exactly what the Chemsex Network has been offering since then.

In addition to networking and further education, the network therefore offers an overview and guide in the form of this homepage to find the appropriate contact persons in each case.



No individual counseling or support is offered under this e-mail address – inquiries are not automatically forwarded to network partners. Please contact the respective contact points directly, depending on your needs.

Only organizational information about the network itself can be obtained at this e-mail address. Persons in the health sector and professionalists who are interested in the network meetings or in being included in the list of providers on this homepage are therefore welcome to contact this address.

Organizational agendas of the network are provided (as an independent position not involved in direct consulting) by med-info.at