Everything about Chemsex in the new „Radio Positiv“ episode with Tom Baumgartner

„Radio Positiv“ is the show by Aids Hilfe Vienna, in which Radio Orange every
Thursday (8-9 pm) takes up important questions around everything relating to sexual
health. A few weeks ago psychologist Tom Baumgartner joint the show for an
interesting discussion about Chemsex with moderator Juliana Metyko-Papousek:
Where does this phenomenon originate from? Which drugs are consumed and what
effects do they trigger? And most importantly, where can chems-users find support
and advice?

Besides Tom this “Radio Positiv” episode also features statements by HIV-specialist
Dr. Horst Schalk and Lisa Brunner, the manager of the Addiction Prevention Institute
in Vienna. Together these experts offer an important overview about the
phenomenon of Chemsex as well as services of the Chemsex Network in Vienna.
This episode of “Radio Positiv” is available in German and can be listened to under
the following link: https://cba.fro.at/583120