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I am a Consultant

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Network partners

Aids Hilfe Wien – Further education

The chemsex workshop is aimed at institutions or groups interested in basic information on the topic of chemsex, background and associated risks (e.g. sexually transmitted infections). Duration and costs of the workshop by arrangement.

Beratungsstelle COURAGE – Education

The dissemination of information and expertise is a cornerstone of COURAGE’s educational work. Since COURAGE also sees itself as a socio-political project and therefore also sees its task in educational work, the staff of the counselling centre constantly offer seminars, workshops and lectures. COURAGE staff members are also willing to participate in panel discussions and conferences and to be available[...]

Birgit Leichsenring – Biomed. Science communication

As a microbiologist and freelance science communicator, I offer basic and specialised lectures on topics related to HIV, viral hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as on specific aspects such as chemsex.


Free offers

Konnex offers employees of social institutions advice and support from addiction experts. Konnex employees come directly to the facilities and can thus address the individual needs and questions of the respective employees on site.

Praxis Mag. Raimund Fichter-Wöß

As a clinical and health psychologist in independent practice, I offer counselling and treatment for mental and health problems. Possibility of supervision for helpers on the topics of addiction and LGBTIQ*.

Praxis Psychotherapie Gideon Gruber

Practice for person-centred psychotherapy with a focus on addiction, also has experience with chemsex in respite. Currently there are free places available.

Psychotherapeutische Praxis Dr. Clemens Hammer

For clients I offer: psychotherapy, sexual counselling, sexual therapy, couples therapy / For counsellors I offer: professional supervision in the field of sexual education, sexual counselling and sexual therapy.

Psychotherapie Alexander Nikodemus

My therapeutic focus is working with people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. Due to my work focus, I supervise people working in counselling or psychosocial organisations that work with or care for queer people.

Verein Dialog – Suchtprävention und Früherkennung

Free offers

Our “Prevention and Early Recognition” department of the Dialog association starts before a problem arises and supports you in dealing with the issue of addiction in your professional and private everyday life. We offer seminars, workshops and lectures for companies, social organisations and schools.