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Institute for Addiction Prevention (ISP) of the Office of Addiction and Drug Policy of Vienna

Modecenterstraße 14 / Block B / 2. OG
1030 Wien

The Institute for Addiction Prevention (ISP) is the regional agency for addiction prevention in Vienna. The main objective of addiction prevention are to promote health and prevent the development of addiction as well as to identify people at risk for an addiction at an early stage. The task of the ISP is to develop, coordinate and connect addiction prevention efforts in Vienna. It offers a variety of measures and training for various target groups in different settings.


The services of the ISP target legal psychoactive substances (e.g. alcohol, tobacco) and illegal psychoactive substances (e.g. cannabis) as well as behavioural addictions (e.g. pathological gambling):

  • Education and training of facilitators, such as educators, youth workers, works councillors, managers, social workers, psychologists, nurses, doctors, etc. on the basics and specific topics.
  • Organisation of events for different target groups
  • Information materials and brochures
  • Development of model projects
  • Consulting service on the implementation of prevention measures
  • Digital measures and self-help programmes to reduce consumption (e.g. www.canreduce.at, www.alkcoach.at)

Most offerings are completely free and are funded by the ISP. Only a few have participation fees.

Last modified: 14.04.2023