Welcome back from the summer!

The summer is behind us, and as we start into the colder seasons, the Chemsex Network wants to reintroduce its offerings to you. Since 2018, our network has brought together specialized organizations and individuals from the health and psychosocial sector who offer counseling, support, and assistance in the context of sex and chems consumption.

On our website, you can find the essential offerings from our network partners across Austria. New contacts within the Chemsex Network are continuously added to our database: NETWORK. From counseling services to therapists and doctors, to open discussion groups, the Chemsex Network provides a comprehensive range of services. However, crucial support is not only available for chems users, but also for family members and counselors. For individuals who consume chems during sex, our network’s website also provides important INFORMATION on consumption methods, risks, risk reduction, safer use, and safer sex… “so that the chemistry is right.” Furthermore, we’ve summarized six simple GUIDELINES to help you better assess and minimize risky behaviors in the context of chemsex.