Chemsex Survey enters its second round!

“Have you ever used substances to influence sex? Alcohol, cannabis, poppers, G, crystal meth, Tina, Special K…?” According to these questions, the University of Augsburg is currently launching the second round of the SEARCHER survey on sex and substance consumption!

All those who feel addressed by this survey can make an important contribution to better understanding the development of chemsex in the German-speaking region in just a few minutes. The scientific exploration of chems consumption and sexuality provides important foundations for improving support for individuals seeking assistance in the areas of sexuality, substance consumption, sexualized substance consumption, and sex work – which is why the results are not only evaluated comprehensively but also specifically for the situation in Austria.

Participating in the SEARCHER survey takes a maximum of 15 minutes and can be easily completed from your mobile phone. All details and the questionnaire can be found here: University of Augsburg’s SEARCHER Project