„Let’s talk about Chems and Sex” on Facebook

Let’s talk about it … especially when it comes to chems and sex, an open
conversation is important. That is why the closed Facebook-group „Let’s talk about
Chems and Sex – Austria“ offers users the possibility to exchange their experiences
with chemsex and provides the latest updates as well as important information about
the topic. Furthermore, the group creates a safe space for discussions, so that
participants can also learn from the experiences of other members.

What do I pay attention to when it comes to my consumption? What could I or do I
want to change for myself? Which positive as well as negative experiences have I
made? “Let’s talk about Chems and Sex – Austria“ provides space for all of these
questions. For many users it might for example be helpful to find out, how others are
doing, or to get in touch with people, for whom chemsex doesn’t play a central role

Interested persons can join the group via
https://www.facebook.com/groups/207954959935778 – everybody, who wants to
join, has to answer a few short questions beforehand. Moderation is of special
importance in this group in order to create an open, friendly and respectful space for
every participant. Disrespectful, racist, xenophobic, or homophobic remarks will be
deleted immediately. The group is furthermore NOT a place, to exchange chems or
their sourcing opportunities.