How can risks be reduced?

When consuming Chems in a sexual context, there are two central rules: Safer Use & Safer Sex! On this page you can find all the information about this – in addition, many network partners individually offer Safer Use- & Safer Sex-Packs!

In principle, with any form of chemsex: being aware of the possible risks and informing yourself in advance how to deal with individual risks is of enormous importance. More about this can be found here: Risiken beim Chemsex!

Safer Use

We have summarized the most important facts for safer use here:


  • Always inform in advance about the substances that will be consumed.
  • Use drug checking offers, e.g. here checkit!
  • Dose carefully and do not top up.
  • Avoid mixed consumption.
  • When consuming, always pay attention to hygiene – especially by using sterile materials, washing hands, keeping surfaces clean, etc.
  • Make sure someone is on hand to help in case of emergency.
  • Take breaks from consumption

When consumed intravenously:

  • Always use your own sterile syringe and clean, if possible also sterile accessories (i.e. spoons, filters, water, etc.).
  • Safely dispose of used syringes and accessories – never reuse them or give them to anyone else!
  • Use syringeexchange offers, e.g. here syringe exchange in pharmacies
  • Here you can find important information on safer use when slamming.

When sniffing and smoking:

  • Always use your own tube – do not give it to others and do not use one from other users.
  • Make sure that your own tube is clean and has no sharp edges.
  • Always use only your own pipe.

Safer Sex

We have summarized the most important facts about safer sex here:

  • If you have sex with different partners: Have regular examinations for sexually transmitted infections!
  • For vaginal and anal sex: Always use branded condoms – pay attention to the expiration date! Use each condom only once and if necessary always use lubricant.
  • When blowing/licking: Do not allow sperm or blood to enter your mouth – therefore, if possible, use a condom or a lick cloth during oral sex.
  • When fisting: Use disposable gloves and in any case use sufficient lubricant.

Consensus is especially important when it comes to sex and substance use! When intoxicated, it can happen that we do things or let things happen to us that we don’t really want. Therefore, when consuming, always make sure that you do not (completely) lose control and keep an eye on how your partners are doing. It is true for ourselves as well as for others in every case and without exception: YES means YES, NO means NO! And even if someone can no longer communicate a YES or is pushed to a YES, it means NO!

The so-called PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is being used by more and more people: it can protect ourselves from HIV infection – but PrEP does not protect against other infections and is not paid for by the Austrian health insurance fund. Even if you take PrEP regularly, you should not forgo STI tests to avoid putting yourself and others at risk. You can find more information about PrEP at theAids Hilfe Wien.