other names: G, Liquid Ecstasy

GHB/GBL has an alcohol-like effect in low doses. It has an anxiety-relieving, euphoric, socially opening effect. Higher doses intensify existing drives and moods and have a sexually stimulating effect. Too high doses are strongly soporific up to narcotic sleep (“knockout drops”).

The exact dosage of GHB/GBL is very important. If, for example, there is an initial underdose, users tend to “top up”, which subsequently leads to an overdose. In case of overdose, it is very important to observe the person closely and to call the rescue service if necessary. In the event of an overdose, breathing may stop and even death may result.

Mixed use with alcohol or other “downers,” such as opiates or benzodiazepines, dramatically increases the likelihood of respiratory paralysis.

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