Chems consumption forms

Chems can be consumed in various ways – they are smoked or snorted, taken orally or anally, among others. When chems are consumed intravenously, they are also referred to as slamming or slam sex.

Below we have summarized an overview of the different forms of consumption of Chems with important information for your own safety.

Oral consumption

GHB/GBL, for example, is consumed in this way. The substance is dropped into liquids (e.g. juices) with a pipette and then drunk.

ATTENTION: In no case consume in mixed consumption with alcohol and pay attention to the exact dosage!

The onset of the effect may be delayed by eating or drinking. Therefore, do not add immediately, otherwise dangerous overdoses may occur!

Nasal consumption – “sniffing” or “snorting”.

Methamphetamine, mephedrone or ketamine, for example, are snorted. The substance is consumed through a tube and absorbed via the nasal mucous membranes. It is therefore important to always use your own tube (preferably without sharp edges), as well as your own chopping card and line. When consuming, always make sure that the surfaces are clean.


Crystal meth can be heated in a glass pipe or aluminum foil. The resulting smoke is inhaled.

ATTENTION: Crystal smoking is considered the most dangerous form of consumption in terms of possible brain damage!

Anal & rectal consumption – booty bumping & booty bomb

Crystalline substances such as methamphetamine, mephedrone and ketamine are dissolved in water for this type of use and then inserted anally using a pump (or syringe without a needle). Absorption takes place via the anal mucous membranes.

Intravenous use – “slamming”, “i.V.” or “injecting”.

This is the intravenous consumption of the substances methamphetamine, mephedrone and ketamine. These are dissolved in water and injected intravenously with a syringe.

CAUTION: Intravenous consumption carries a very high risk of infectious diseases!

It is therefore important to always use your own sterile utensils (needle, pump, spoon, etc.).

The following website summarizes further information and safety tips on the various forms of consumption: